Deathless, The (TBP) nr. 1: Deathless, The (Newman, Peter)

THE DEMONS Creatures lurk in the endless forests of the Wild, plucking victims from those who scratch a living by the sides of the great Godroads, paths of crystal which provide refuge from the infernal tide. THE DEATHLESS Humanity’s protectors reign within crystal castles held aloft on magical currents – seven timeless royal families, born and reborn into flawless bodies. As immortal as the precious stones from which they take their names, they fight to hold the Wild at bay. For generations a fragile balance has held. AND THE DAMNED… House Sapphire, one of the ancient Deathless families, is riven by suspicion and grief. Their hunting expeditions against the Wild are failing and entire villages have begun to disappear. Then, when assassins strike, House Sapphire shatters. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER

Udgivet af Harper Collins Publishers U.K. 

Peter Newman

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