Termination Shock (TPB) (Stephenson, Neal)

One man – visionary billionaire restaurant chain magnate T. R. Schmidt, Ph.D. – has a Big Idea for reversing global warming, a master plan perhaps best described as “elemental.” But will it work? And just as important, what are the consequences for the planet and all of humanity should it be applied? Ranging from the Texas heartland to the Dutch royal palace in the Hague, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the sunbaked Chihuahuan Desert, Termination Shock brings together a disparate group of characters from different cultures and continents who grapple with the real-life repercussions of global warming. Ultimately, it asks the question: Might the cure be worse than the disease? Epic in scope while heartbreakingly human in perspective, Termination Shock sounds a clarion alarm, ponders potential solutions and dire risks, and wraps it all together in an exhilarating, witty, mind-expanding speculative adventure.

Udgivet af Harper Collins Publishers U.K. 

Neal Stephenson
Amerikansk forfatter som har skrevet de store SF romaner "Snow Crash", "The Diamond Age" og "Cryptonomicon." Han har skrevet SF siden 1984. Seneste udgivelse er mammutværket "The Baroque Cycle" på 3 bind

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