Language of Magic, The (HC)Hedge Witch (Thomas, Cari)

Rowan is visiting her aunt – Winne the hedge witch – in the Welsh countryside, to get back to nature and hone her skills, as well as taking a break from her annoying sisters and enjoying some peace and quiet. However, Rowan soon comes to realise that hedges are a serious business and this isn’t quite the opportunity to rest and escape she thought it might be. Not only that, but mysterious events around the town are causing panic in the secret magical community and cowans – non-magical folk – are starting to take notice. Can Rowan hone her hedge craft, try to make some friends and solve the riddle of the mysterious goings-on, or is magic about to be revealed to the world … or at least Wales?

Udgivet af Harper Collins Publishers U.K. 

Cari Thomas
Cari’s first story, at seven years old, was about a witch who took over her school. Many years later she graduated with first class honours from Warwick’s English Literature and Creative Writing course and gained a Distinction in Magazine Journalism at The Cardiff School of Journalism. She landed her first journalism job at teen magazine Sugar where she was put in charge of the YA book club. Writing book reviews and attending launches confirmed her suspicion that this was her world. She went on to work in consumer publishing and as a digital strategist at a creative agency, learning how to apply storytelling techniques to multimedia brand campaigns. All spare moments were spent dreaming up ideas for her book series while accumulating an odd collection of research books on magic and the occult. Her first novel, set in contemporary London, is also about witches and they’re still causing just as much chaos.

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