Rain Wild Chronicles  nr. 4: Blood of Dragons (Hobb, Robin)

Who will triumph, dragons or man? Find out in the thrilling volume in the acclaimed fantasy series begun with Dragon Keeper The dragons and their motley crew of keepers (who are slowly turning into elegant Elderlings) have finally found the long lost city of Kelsingra where the mythical silver wells that the dragons need to survive supposedly exist. But the legendary city is shrouded in secrets and ancient memories trapped in stone and the wells are no where to be found. In a desperate attempt to unlock the whereabouts of the wells the keepers risk “memory walking”—immersing oneself into the drug-like memories of long deceased Elderlings—to find clues necessary to their survival. To make matters worse time is of the utmost importance because Tintaglia will not survive the wounds from her long sojourn to Kelsingra without silver. And if Tintaglia dies, she’ll take with her the ancient memories needed to survive and doom the group to extinction.

Udgivet af Harper Collins US 

Robin Hobb
Robin Hobb was born in California in 1952, and majored in Communications at Denver University, Colorado, and she now lives outside Seattle. Robin Hobb has also been writing books under the pseudonym Megan Lindholm, her real name though is Margaret Alice Lindholm Ogden.

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