Lady Janies, The (TPB) nr. 3: My Calamity Jane (m. Brodi Ashton og Jodi Meandows) (Hand, Cynthia)

Welcome to 1876 and a rootin’-tootin’ America bursting with gunslingers, outlaws, and garou—better known as werewolves. Calamity Jane’s her name, and garou hunting’s her game—when she’s not starring in Wild Bill’s Traveling Show with Annie Oakley and Frank “the Pistol Prince” Butler, that is. But after a garou hunt goes south and Jane finds a suspicious-like bite on her arm, she turns tail for Deadwood, where there’s been talk of a garou cure. But things aren’t always what they seem—meaning the gang better hightail it after her before they’re a day late and a Jane short.

Udgivet af Harper Collins US 

Cynthia Hand

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