What I Tell You in the Dark (TPB) - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer) (Samuel, John)

A nameless angel has been out of God's favour since things went wrong with his last mission 2,000 years ago, when he unwittingly started the Christian Church. Lately, he's been watching a business executive named Will, who has been trying in vain to expose his company's shady dealings to the press. In a moment of weakness and bravado, the angel decides to take over Will and finish the job. But his divine superiors are less than impressed and he soon finds himself facing the literal wrath of God. As his plan begins to unravel, the lines become increasingly blurred and we are forced to question if these really are the actions of a rogue angel, or those of a delusional and increasingly dangerous man. Both hilarious and unsettling, this dark, wry and provocative morality tale is at once the mesmerising story of a modern day everyman and a witty but profound exploration of what divinity itself might entail.

Udgivet af Duckworth Overlook 

John Samuel

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