1632 nr. 2: 1633 (m. David Weber) (Flint, Eric)

AMERICAN FREEDOM AND JUSTICE VS. SEVENTEENTH CENTURY TYRANNY The new Confederate Principalities of Europe-an alliance between Gustavus, King of Sweden, and the West Virginia town, led by Mike Stearns, which was hurled back through time to the Thirty Years War-has big problems. As the greatest naval war in European history erupts, Cardinal Richelieu has created an alliance to destroy the CPE, and only American technology can save Gustavus from ruin. Meanwhile Mike's wife Rebecca is trapped in war-torn Amsterdam, and his sister Rita is imprisoned in the Tower of London. And much as Mike wants to reform tyrannical 17th century Europe by Sweet Reason, he finds comfort in the fact that Julie, who trained as an Olympic marksman, still has her rifle…

Udgivet af Baen 1905

Eric Flint
Eric Flint (born February 6, 1947) is an American author, editor, and e-publisher. The majority of his main works are alternate history science fiction, but he also writes humorous fantasy adventures.

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