Immortal Muse - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer) (Leigh, Stephen)

Immortal Muse is an unforgettable tale that sweeps readers from 1300s Paris to modern-day New York—with interludes in the 1635 Rome of Bernini, the 1737 Venice of Vivaldi, the French Revolution in Paris with Lavoisier and Robespierre, 1814 London with William Blake and John Polidori, fin de siècle Vienna with Gustav Klimt, and World War II France with Charlotte Salomon. It began with the marriage of Perenelle and Nicolas Flamel. It began, too, with alchemy, sorcery—and the legendary elixir of life. And though many had striven to perfect this formula, it was Perenelle alone who finally achieved it. But for every prize there is a price, and the cost of immortality would prove high indeed. Perenelle became the Immortal Muse whose very survival depended on the creativity she nurtured in others, while Nicolas sustained his life force through the pain and torment of his victims. And what began with a sacred oath of love became an endless pursuit through time driven by enmity and vengeance....

Udgivet af DAW 

Stephen Leigh
Amerikansk forfatter. Hans første bog, "Slow Fall to Dawn" udkom I 1981. Siden har han skrevet bøger med nogle års mellemrum. "Dark Water's Embrrace" som foregår på planeten Mictlan, og fortsættelsen "Speaking Stones", er hans seneste bøger.

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