Sabella (Lee, Tanith)

This repackaged edition of a classic sci-fi tale from a master storyteller explores the life of a vampire on a Mars-like colony as she struggles to hide her true nature. On the rosy sands of a distant Earth colony, Sabella lives a quiet life in her isolated home—carefully hiding her vampirism from society. Sabella may not be undead, but she is painfully allergic to sunlight, possesses supernatural strength and speed, and feeds on fresh blood. In her youth, Sabella seduced a number of men, killing them all for fear of discovery. But with age comes control, and Sabella has sworn off of drinking human blood. After four years of staying clean, Sabella receives an invitation to her Aunt Cassi’s funeral—along with several thousand credits to ensure she attends the reading of the will. But when Sabella arrives at the funeral, she discovers that the funds were a ruse. Before her death, Cassi—a devout Christian Revivalist—discovered the truth about Sabella and tasked her manservant, John Trim, to hunt Sabella down. Trim hires private investigator Sand Vincent to get close to Sabella and suss out the truth. But Sand is only human—and Sabella anything but. As Sand becomes enthralled by Sabella’s charm, Sabella must combat her own instincts to keep him alive—and society’s suspicions away. Story Locale: Novo Mars (another planet)

Udgivet af DAW 

Tanith Lee
Engelsk forfatterinde som har haft en lang karriere inden for SF og fantasy. Hun begyndte med at skrive I slutningen af 60'erne, og de første år gik med at skrive fantasy ungdomsbøger. Hendes første bog for voksne udkom I 1975. Af hendes mest kendte bøger kan nævnes: "Silver Metal Lover", "Tales from the Flat Earth" serien, "The Secret Books of Paradys" serien, og "Blood Opera" serien.

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