Electric Forest (Lee, Tanith)

Now available in a redesigned edition, Tanith Lee’s sci-fi classic of a woman’s quest for acceptance through the transfer of her consciousness to an artificial body. In the futuristic world of Indigo, reproduction is controlled by the government, guaranteeing that every baby is happy, healthy, and beautiful. But mistakes happen, and a rare few babies are accidentally born biologically, like Magdala Cled. Because of her natural-born features, Magdala is an outcast in society—abandoned at birth, abused in the orphanage she grew up in, and branded with the cruel name “Ugly.” But Magdala’s world turns upside down when she’s approached by Claudio Loro, a wealthy scientist who has created a beautiful artificial body. When he offers to transfer Magdala’s consciousness into the body, she cannot refuse the priceless opportunity for a new, beautiful life. However, unbeknownst to her, Claudio has crafted her new body to resemble Christophine del Jan, his rival scientist and former lover. Now Magdala must impersonate Christophine to infiltrate high society, court Claudio’s advances, and decide whose side she is truly on—all while maintaining her real body lest it die…and she die with it. Story Locale: Fictional world

Udgivet af DAW 

Tanith Lee
Engelsk forfatterinde som har haft en lang karriere inden for SF og fantasy. Hun begyndte med at skrive I slutningen af 60'erne, og de første år gik med at skrive fantasy ungdomsbøger. Hendes første bog for voksne udkom I 1975. Af hendes mest kendte bøger kan nævnes: "Silver Metal Lover", "Tales from the Flat Earth" serien, "The Secret Books of Paradys" serien, og "Blood Opera" serien.

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