Walk the Wild with Me (TPB) nr. 2: Outcasts of the Wildwood (Atwood, Rachel)

This second novel of a historical fantasy series that reexamines the Robin Hood legend in medieval England. Nick, an orphan raised at Locksley Abbey has made friends with the Wildfolk: the Greenman, Robin Goodfellow, dryads, water sprites, and other paranormal creatures. He often hides in the nearly forgotten abbey crypt, where he found Elena, the goddess of sorcery, crossroads, and cemetaries. He carries her vessel and tries to learn from her wisdom. Robin Goodfellow lives with a curse. Half of each day he must spend as a hideous gnome with a bit of magic and near immortality. The other half of the day he can live as Robin Hood, archer of legend. At the time of his curse sixty years before, an insane magician trapped Robin’s love, Marian in a secret chamber that keeps her in perpetual sleep. The only way Robin can break the curse is to awaken Marian in his gnome form and have her recognize his true face. But the magic is breaking down. Marian will die if Robin doesn’t break the curse soon. He needs Nick’s help, his affinity for dark underground places, and Elena’s whispers to find Marian’s secret chamber and decipher the clues to breaking the curse. Story Locale: Medieval England Series Overview: This historical series explores the Robin Hood legend through the creatures of Faerie and their interactions with a young man from a medieval abbey.

Udgivet af DAW 

Rachel Atwood
Rachel Atwood writes historical fiction with enchantments.

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