Neanderthal Parallax nr. 2: Humans - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer) (Sawyer, Robert J.)

"Robert J. Sawyer, the writer, hits the peak of his powers in Humans, the second book of The Neanderthal Parallax, his trilogy about our world and a parallel one in which it was the Homo sapiens who died out and the Neanderthals who became the dominant intelligent species. This powerful idea allows Sawyer to examine some of the deeply rooted assumptions of contemporary human civilization dramatically, by confronting us with another civilization, just as morally valid, that has made other choices. In Humans, Neanderthal physicist Ponter Boddit, a character you will never forget, returns to our world and to his relationship with geneticist Mary Vaughan, as cultural exchanges between the two Earths begin." As we see daily life in another present-day world, radically different from ours, in the course of Sawyer's story, we experience the bursts of wonder and enlightenment that are the finest pleasures of science fiction.

Udgivet af TOR 1905

Robert J. Sawyer
Kanadisk forfatter som har skrevet SF siden 1981. Hans første roman udkom I 1990. Fem år senere udkom hans roman "The Terminal Experiment" som vandt Nebula prisen for bedste roman det år. Den blev også nomineret til en Hugo pris. Sawyer vandt Hugo prisen 2003 for romanen "Hominids" bind 1 i "Neanderthal Parallax" serien

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