Hellhole nr. 2: Hellhole Awakening (Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.)

The exciting sequel to Hellhole After declaring his independence from the corrupt Constellation, rebel General Adolphus knows he needs to pull together the struggling Hellhole colony, the shadow-Xayan settlement, and his connections with the other Deep Zone worlds. Still, he doubts his desperate measures will be enough. Diadem Michella Duchenet has collected a huge space fleet led by Commodore Escobar Hallholme, son of the hero who originally defeated Adolphus. They expect resistance from the General’s rebels, but who could possibly stand up to such a mighty fleet? Adolphus knows he’s running out of time, and when all hope seems lost, the awakened Xayans reveal a threat that makes even the Constellation fleet seem insignificant. Disaster has come for Hellhole…and this time there is no escape.

Udgivet af TOR 

Brian & Anderson Herbert

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