Hellhole nr. 3: Hellhole Inferno (Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J.)

General Adolphus rallies his fellow rebels from across the vast Deep Zone to fight for their independence. The Xayans add their “telemancy” defenses to the General’s conventional military resources, until they reveal an enemy far more terrifying than the Army of the Constellation: a faction of rogue Xayans bent on the extermination of their race . . . and the destruction of any planet that happens to be in the way. As a barrage of deadly asteroids hurtles toward Hellhole, and the Constellation’s gigantic space fleet arrives for a final engagement against General Adolphus, the settlers are caught between a human enemy that wants to raze their colony and more powerful aliens who can destroy not only human civilization, as well as the foundations of the universe itself.

Udgivet af TOR 

Brian & Anderson Herbert

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