nr. 1: Scar, The - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer) (Dyachenko, Sergey & Dyachenko, Marina)

A sweeping debut fantasy with characters in the midst of tremendous, and potentially deadly, personal conflict Egert is a brash, confident member of the elite guards and an egotistical philanderer. But after he kills an innocent student in a duel, a mysterious man known as "The Wanderer" bests Egert in a duel and slashes his face with his sword, leaving Egert with a scar that comes to symbolize his cowardice. Unable to end his suffering by his own hand, Egert embarks on an odyssey to undo the curse and the horrible damage he has caused, which can only be repaired by a painful journey down a long and harrowing path. Toria, the fiancée of the slain student, could be the only chance Egert has for redemption—but darker forces are at work and time grows short.

Udgivet af TOR 

Sergey & Dyachenko Dyachenko

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