Occasional Views, Vol. 1:

Essays and occasional writings from one of literature's iconic voices Samuel R. Delany is an acclaimed writer of literary theory, queer literature, and fiction. His "prismatic output is among the most significant, immense and innovative in American letters," wrote the New York Times in 2019; "Delany's books interweave science fiction with histories of race, sexuality, and control. In so doing, he gives readers fiction that reflects and explores the social truths of our world." This anthology of essays, lectures, and interviews addresses topics such as 9/11, race, the garden of Eden, the interplay of life and writing, and notes on other writers such as Theodore Sturgeon, Hart Crane, Ursula K. Le Guin, Holderlin, and a note on--and a conversation with--Octavia Butler. The first of two volumes, this book gathers more than twenty-five pieces on films, poetry, and science fiction. These sharp, focused writings by a bestselling Black, gay author are filled with keen insights and observations on culture, language, and life.

Udgivet af Wesleyan 

Samuel R. Delany
Amerikansk forfatter som voksede op I Harlem I New York. Han har skrevet mange bøger gennem årene men allerede I 1967 vandt han to Nebula priser, den ene for sin roman "The Einstein Intersection" og den anden for novellen "Aye, and Gomorrah…", og vandt både Hugo og Nebula I 1969 for novellen "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones". Andre af Delaney's mest kendte værker er fantasy-serien om "Neveryon", samt murstensværjet "Dhalgren".

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