Paratwa Saga, The (TPB) nr. 3: Paratwa, The (Hinz, Chrisoph)

Human colonists defend their planet from terrifyingly advanced assassins in this tale of fast-paced action and political intrigue. This is the third novel from award-winning novelist Christopher Hinz. Beginning where the critically acclaimed Liege-Killer and Ash Ock ended, The Paratwa chronicles the lives of the Irryan colonists as they prepare for the imminent attack of the fierce and vicious Paratwa assassins. Facing the threat of their dark enemies, an Irryan named Gillian must also cope with her inner turmoil, as the madness of her nature threatens to consume her life. She discovers that she is a genetically modified creature whose purpose is to serve the needs of others, and the course of her destiny is not in her own hands.

Udgivet af Angry Robot 

Chrisoph Hinz

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