City of Flames, A (TPB) nr. 1: City of Flames, A (Vasquez, Rina)

Nara desires justice for her father’s murder; hunting dragons might bring her peace Or pain as she learns the ugly truth. When a fire dragon attacks her village, the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the creatures that killed her father arises. But the dragon she’s intent to capture seems fascinated by Nara, a detail not missed by those around her. The strange event leads to an invitation to join the venators—the order of people who slay dangerous magical creatures—like her father before her. The offer is a dream come true. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to destroy the cruel, dangerous creatures that enslaved humans for thousands of years up until three centuries ago? But Nara is about to learn a dangerous secret; history is written by the winner. Those she hunts might not be her enemies, and those she thinks she can trust might just want to kill her.

Udgivet af Wildfire 

Rina Vasquez

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