Factory Witches of Lowell, The (TPB) (Malerich, C.S.)

Witches on strike! The Factory Witches of Lowell presents a historical fantasy about labor actions like you've never seen before. Faced with abominable working conditions, unsympathetic owners, and hard-hearted managers, the mill girls of Lowell have had enough. They're going on strike, and they have a secret weapon on their side: a little witchcraft to ensure that no one leaves the picket line. For the young women of Lowell, Massachusetts, freedom means fair wages for fair work, decent room and board, and a chance to escape the cotton mills before lint stops up their lungs. When the Boston owners decide to raise the workers’ rent, the girls go on strike. Their ringleader is Judith Whittier, a newcomer to Lowell but not to class warfare. Judith has already seen one strike fold and she doesn’t intend to see it again. Fortunately Hannah, her best friend in the boardinghouse—and maybe first love?—has a gift for the dying art of witchcraft.

Udgivet af TOR 

C.S. Malerich
Charlotte Stephanie Malerich writes long fiction that can be broadly classified as fantasy.

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