Immortal Enemies nr. 1: Heartless (Showalter, Gena)

Let the madness take hold… Kaysar the Unhinged One possesses a power like no other. A mystical song able to scramble any mind. Feared by one and all, the ruthless warrior earned his crown with blood, driven by a single purpose: the misery of every Frostline. Held captive by the royals as a child, Kaysar will stop at nothing to achieve victory—even abduct and seduce Prince Jareth’s beloved bride, winning her body and soul, ensuring his own child one day sits on his enemy’s throne. Except, the princess escapes to the mortal realm… where she dies, her heart transplanted into another. Professional gamer girl Chantel “Cookie” Bardot is straight up weird. Great at trash talking, bad at peopling. Born with a defective heart, her lifeline to adventure is virtual via her avatar, an avenging temptress who enjoys her kills a little too much. After a long awaited heart transplant, she begins to develop strange abilities. Even her physical appearance changes…because she’s morphing into a powerful fairy princess! Soon, she’s catapulted into a strange and lethal world filled with fantastical and deadly creatures, ruled by the most seductive male in history. A dangerous enforcer determined to lure her into bed. But, the deeper they delve into their real life villain quest, the more Kaysar descends into madness. Should she run…or follow him?

Udgivet af Harlequin 

Gena Showalter

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