Kay Harker (TPB) nr. 1: Midnight Folk, The (Ill.  Quentin Blake) (Masefield, John)

'You ought to know about the treasure, Kay . . . for until it is restored or traced, no man of our name ought to rest.' Determined to recover the long-lost family treasure, Kay finds himself in a race against the evil Abner Brown. Abner has his witch friends and his dark magic to help him, but Kay has the very special Midnight Folk. John Masefield’s classic children’s book is considered to be one of the great works of modern children’s fiction. Magical, fantastical and filled with vivid, rich characters – brought to life in this edition by Quentin Blake’s stunning artwork – The Magic Folk and its prequel The Box of Delights are a must-read for any child.

Udgivet af Egmont UK 

John Masefield

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