Last Dragonslayer, The (TPB) nr. 4: Great Troll War, The (Fforde, Jasper)

Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Strange and her rebels have been driven to the tip of Cornwall by the Troll invasion. Their one defence is a six-foot-wide trench full of buttons, something that the Trolls find unaccountably terrifying (it’s their clickiness). Worse than being eaten by Trolls is the prospect of the Mighty Shandar requisitioning the Quarkbeast and using him to achieve supreme power and domination – which will ultimately leave the Earth a cold cinder, devoid of all life. Nothing has ever looked so bleak, but Jennifer must find a way to vanquish the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen.

Udgivet af Houghton Mifflin 

Jasper Fforde
Jasper Fforde was an enthusiastic member of the film industry for nineteen years before becoming published. Author of five 'Thursday Next' and two 'Nursery Crime' books, he says that writing is "The same as filming, really. Only you do all of the jobs, and not just one." He currently lives and works in Wales, where his hobbies include family, flying and photography. 'Shades of Grey', Due out in January 2010, will be his eighth novel. His mother, wife, editor and children all think it's really good.

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