Cobra Rebellion Saga nr. 3: Cobra Traitor (Zahn, Timothy)

Cobras: technologically enhanced warriors bred to fight an alien menace no ordinary human can withstand. Once the Cobras fought the implacable alien invaders, the Trofts, to an uneasy stalemate. But in recent years they have faced an enemy more insidious, the oppressive regime known as the Dominion of Man. Now, the Cobra Worlds find themselves under the boot heels of the Dominion, forced into what amounts to slavery, living under martial law. But two clans of Cobras—the Moreaus and the Brooms—will not stand idly by and let the Dominion run roughshod over their home worlds. Now a threat from without looms. The alien Troft are again planning an attack. Before, they came to conquer. This time they’ve come to annihilate. If the Cobras are to survive, they may have to do the unthinkable: align themselves with the hated Dominion. Cobras are not known for taking the easy path—and this may be the hardest path of all. But If the Cobras can manage to avoid complete destruction or abject slavery, a new day may finally dawn on the Cobra worlds. The day of Freedom.

Udgivet af Baen 

Timothy Zahn
Amerikansk forfatter som har skrevet SF siden 1979. Han vandt en Hugo pris for novellen "Distant Friends" og har skrevet serierne "Cobra" og Blackcollar", men det som han nok er mest kendt for I dag er som manden som var med til at gøre "Star Wars" populær igen. 8 år efter "Return of the Jedi" fik premiere, udkom "Heir to the Empire" den første "Star Wars" roman som foregik EFTER filmene. Det blev til tre velfortjente bestsellere, og de bøger blev begyndelsen på den lange serie SW romaner som er udkommet siden. Zahn skrev selv en to-binds efterfølger, "Spectre of the Past" og "Vision of the Future."

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