Echoes of the Fall (TPB) nr. 3: Hyena and the Hawk, The (Tchaikovsky, Adrian)

This is an epic beginning to a sweeping fantasy, featuring warfare, tribal loyalty, twisted politics and invasion. A young girl is estranged from her tribe, as her mother was from a despised rival clan. This is despite the fact that her father is chieftain. And her greatest secret is that she's gained powers from both factions. A child of two worlds, she must escape to survive. But even as her actions trigger war, a greater threat appears on the horizon - and this will signal a battle to the death for all the tribes.

Udgivet af MacMillan 

Adrian Tchaikovsky
Adrian Tchaikovsky is the pseudonym of Adrian Czajkowski, a British fantasy author. He was born in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. His best known work is the ongoing Shadows of the Apt series. He now lives in Leeds with his wife Annie and son, Alex.

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