Rabbits: Play the Game If You Dare (TPB) (Miles, Terry)

What happens in the game, stays in the game . . . Rabbits is a secret, dangerous and occasionally fatal underground game, where the rewards for winning are unclear. Yet they may involve large sums of money, CIA recruitment – or even access to hidden secrets of the universe. K doesn’t know exactly what Rabbits is, but he knows he can’t get enough of it – and he’s gone deeper than most. However, his game-play is seriously disrupted when he makes powerful enemies. Alan Scarpio, reclusive billionaire, shows up out of nowhere and asks K to find someone. But Hazel isn’t just anyone: she’s an online revolutionary and the most famous Rabbits player of all time. As K races to locate Hazel, he senses a tightening global conspiracy blocking his moves. But has K really uncovered a plot which threatens to undo everything? Or is K headed for a breakdown of epic proportions, fuelled by his obsession with Rabbits? As events spiral out of control, he asks himself . . . which is the worst case scenario?

Udgivet af Pan Macmillan Distribution Ltd. 

Terry Miles

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