Black Locomotive, The (TPB) (Hughes, Rian)

London is built from concrete, steel and the creative urge. Old technology gives way to the new. Progress is inevitable - but is it more fragile than its inhabitants realise? A strange anomaly is uncovered in the new top-secret Crossrail extension being built under Buckingham Palace. It is an archeological puzzle, one that may transform our understanding of history - and the origins of London itself. And if our modern world falls, we may have to turn to the technology of the past in order to save our future.

Udgivet af Picador 

Rian Hughes
Rian Hughes is one of the most successful and prolific designers/illustrators of the past 20 years. From his studio, Device, he has produced watches for Swatch, Hawaiian shirts, logo designs for Batman and Spiderman and an iconoclastic revamp of British comic hero Dan Dare. He has an extensive collection of Thunderbirds memorabilia, a fridge full of vodka, and a stack of easy listening albums which he plays very quietly.

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