Game Long, The (TPB) nr. 3: Residuum (Dulley, Dominic)

So much for Orry Kent’s quiet life: news footage broadcast across the Ascendancy shows her murdering the eminent scientist she saved just six months earlier. With her brother Ethan, the irascible Captain Mender, the Kadiran exile Quondam and the Dainty Jane, she sets off to prove her innocence. But it’s not just her freedom at stake: a planet-eating plague has also been triggered . . . The race is on!

Udgivet af Jo Fletcher Books 

Dominic Dulley
Dominic Dulley is a British science fiction writer who lives and writes in the shadow of Warwick Castle. He is represented by Ian Drury at Sheil Land Associates. His debut novel, Shattermoon, is published by Jo Fletcher Books.

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