Infinite Stars (TPB) nr. 1: Infinite Stars (Schmidt, Bryan Thomas (Ed.))

INFINITE STARS This is the definitive collection of original short stories by many of today s finest authors, writing brand new adventures set in their most famous series. Herein lie canonical tales of the Honorverse, the Lost Fleet, Dune, Vatta s War, Ender Wiggin, the Legion of the Damned, the Imperium, and more. Also included are past masterpieces by authors whose works defined the genre. Nebula and Hugo Award winners, New York Times bestsellers, and Science Fiction Grand Masters these authors take us to the farthest regions of space. The modern masters of space opera and military science fiction, with 14 brand new stories set in their most famous universes exclusive to this volume! DAVID WEBER The Honor Harrington Saga BRIAN HERBERT & KEVIN J. ANDERSON Dune ELIZABETH MOON Vatta s War ORSON SCOTT CARD Ender s Game JACK CAMPBELL The Lost Fleet

Udgivet af Titan Books 

Bryan Thomas (Ed.) Schmidt

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