Warhammer Horror (TPB)Resting Places (TPPB) (Warhammer)

Bolt the doors and windows as you jump in to this spine-chilling anthology of stories from Wahammer Horror. An irascible veteran conceals a monstrous secret. A young victim of tragedy seeks the protection of their mysterious lord. On a feudal world, two men plot against a governor suspected of heresy. And in the pitch-dark skies, a malign entity preys upon a Navigator. From the slaughterhouses of Imperial hive cities to the war-torn streets of the Mortal Realms, superstition and deceit runs rampant. Twisted sacrifices, beguiling foes, the lies we tell ourselves – these horrors drag their victims, blind or screaming, down sinister paths to a final place of rest. This anthology features some of Black Library’s most gothic minds, including David Annandale, Richard Strachan and Jake Ozga, as well as the fresh voices of J H Archer, Chris Thursten and many more.

Udgivet af Black Library 


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