Kingdoms of Elfin (TPB) (Warner, Sylvia Townsend)

Elfindom is an aristocratic society, jealous of its privileges. The ruling classes engage in such pursuits as patronizing the arts or hunting with the Royal Pack of Werewolves, while the lower orders take pleasure in conducting brutal raiding parties into the world to torment mortals. The Kingdoms of Elfin are more diverse and widely scattered than is often thought; from the Welsh Elfins who, though constitutionally incapable of faith, remove mountains, and the elegant and witty French Court of Brocéliande where castration almost becomes a vogue, to the Kingdom of Zuy in the Low Countries, trafficking suppositories and religious pictures. Sylvia Townsend Warner's richly exuberant imagination combined with the calm precision of her language conjures up a sublunary realm that is entirely convincing. Contents: The one and the other -- The five black swans -- Elphenor and Weasel -- The blameless triangle -- The revolt at Brocéliande -- The mortal milk -- Beliard -- Visitors to a castle -- The power of cookery -- Winged creatures -- The search for an ancestress -- The climate of exile -- The late Sir Glamie -- Castor and Pollux -- The occupation -- Foxcastle.

Udgivet af Handheld Press 

Sylvia Townsend Warner

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