Learn Japanese with Manga (TPB) nr. 1: Learn Japanese with Manga, Volume One : A Self-Study Language Book for Beginners - Learn to read, write and speak Japanese with manga comic strips! (How To) (Bernabé, Marc)

Learn to read, write, and speak everyday Japanese with manga stories! If you enjoy manga, you'll love learning Japanese with this book. The language lessons are interspersed with entertaining manga comic strips, making it easy to learn and remember all the key vocabulary and grammar. With a focus on the casual speech used by young people in Japan, you'll find yourself feeling confident with speaking, reading, and writing Japanese quickly! Designed for self-study use by adult learners, this book is a fun resource for beginners--no prior knowledge of Japanese required!

Udgivet af Tuttle Publishing 

Marc Bernabé

200,00 kr.

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