Hanafuda (TPB): Hanafuda.

Izuna is a noble turned demon hunter on a mission. Betrothed to the love of his life, his world comes crashing down when his bride, the exquisite Lady Kiri, is killed by a deadly ogre. Along his journey, Izuna is joined by a young shapeshifting fox who transforms to look like his lost love and together the duo go after the murderous oni. With rumors of women being stolen from a local village, Izuna might have found what he was looking for, but the closer he gets, secrets and lies start to sprout from the surface. Hanafuda by legendary Japanese illustrator Okama features beautiful full color pages, sylish erotic art, and presented in a eligant oversized edition. Okama has contributed work for Rebuild of Evangelion, Diebuster, Symphogear, No More Heroes, and many more!

Udgivet af Fakku Books 2020


Tegneserier Hentai
360,00 kr.

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