New Mutants, The (TPB) nr. 1: New Mutants by Hickman vol. 1.

Collecting NEW MUTANTS (2019) #1-2, #5 and #7. The new generation claims the dawn! The classic New Mutants - Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik and Cypher - get together with new friends Chamber and Mondo for a new mission...tracking down their teammate Cannonball! Hitching a ride into outer space with the Starjammers, the New Mutants soon find themselves in trouble and on trial for crimes against the Shi'ar Empire! But when Deathbird returns and throws the Empire into turmoil, the New Mutants' happy reunion soon becomes a complicated struggle for galactic freedom! Who will claim the Shi'ar throne? It's a star-spanning adventure from the mind of X-visionary Jonathan Hickman!

Udgivet af Marvel 2020

Rod Reis

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