Futari Escape (TPB) nr. 3: Sick of Slacking (Yuri).

Senpai has (inadvertently) discovered the ultimate way to slack off: getting sick! In an attempt to help her feel better, Kouhai does everything but slack off. Will her valiant attempts get Senpai back on her feet? Or is she doomed to stay in bed forever? Series Overview: Two young women—one an overworked manga artist, the other a jobless slacker—try to escape the realities of adulthood. Whether it’s by going into debt while splurging on an epic meal or taking an impromptu trip, “Kouhai” and “Senpai” find a way to make the most of their days! Kick back and relax with this adorable comedy!

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2023

Shouichi Taguchi

Tegneserier Manga
130,00 kr.

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