Sheeply Horned Witch Romi (TPB) nr. 2: Lost and Found?.

LOST AND FOUND? Sawada has left Senpai’s side! To get her back, he’ll have to do something about the strange monsters that have overrun their world. He embarks on a journey to do just that, but things take a turn for the even stranger when he encounters a tiny, fairy-sized version of Sawada... Series Overview: The world has changed: everyone has fallen into a deep slumber, except the a sheep-horned witch and her senpai. And now monsters are closing in! Why are the only people still awake two teenagers in love with each other? Find out in this beautifully illustrated, unique dark fantasy from Yoichi Abe!

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2023

Yoichi Abe

Tegneserier Manga
130,00 kr.

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