Obey Me! The Comic (TPB) nr. 2: Led Astray.

Exchange student Ibuki has made contracts with several of the seven rulers of the Devildom. With those contracts come deeper relationships. But Ibuki’s grand adventure in the Devildom is interrupted by a beckoning voice from a hidden room. What will happen to Ibuki when they are face-to-face with a new demon?! Series Overview: As the underworld’s school bells ring, a little sheep wakes up at the Royal Academy of Diavolo in the Devildom—where seven eccentric demon brothers await. This wooly critter is actually a human exchange student…so how did they end up a sheep? Everything is a blank! Now, this sheep must figure out how to turn back into a human and regain their memories as Lucifer and the other demons raise hell with devilish hijinks!

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2024

Tegneserier Manga
150,00 kr.

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