Animals Rule This Land (HC).

The world has ended, you're the only human left in a village full of erratic, freshly-evolved animals, and a maniacal rabbit in a vest is gifting you a blood-covered toaster. They say they want to be friends, so why are you constantly being drugged and threatened by henchmen, kidnapped and insulted by the dog next door, and falling prey to a seemingly friendly duck who's running an unnecessarily complicated bread scam? The animals have taken over, and it's time to pay the price for drinking all that milk, eating all those eggs, and coveting an unquantifiable amount of chicken nuggets. And where the hell did your cat go? If you like watching Saturday morning cartoons under the influence, or prefer your animals double-crossing, you're sure to enjoy Animals Rule This Land!

Udgivet af Black Panel Press 2024

Luke Milton

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