LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS 3RD EDITION - Art of the Duel - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer)

One on one contests have long been a defining element of Rokugani society. From the famous iaijutsu duel to the challenge of wits between courtiers, the samurai of the Emerald Empire always seek to best one another and gain glory and honor for their Clan. The Art of the Duel brings new depth and variety to the challenges your samurai and shugenja can face, as well as new tools to overcome their foes! This book features new rules and information for not only martial duels but also contests such as oratory, heraldry, sumai, archery, and even the famous Crab drinking contest. The tradition of magical duels among shugenja is also detailed, along with the strange competitions held among the Nezumi, Naga, and even the creatures of the Shadowlands. - New Schools and Techniques for each Clan, including non-humans and ronin for the Legend of the Five Rings: Third Edition Roleplaying Game. - Rules for honorable, and not so honorable conclusions of duels. - Detailed discussions of what the duel means in society and how the glory of the victor can influence many facets of life. - The complete Test of the Emerald Champion scenario for use in your campaign, as well as a generic tournament format.

Udgivet af Alderac Entertainment Games 2007

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