LEGEND OF THE FIVE RINGS 3RD EDITION - Masters of Magic - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer)

To hear the voices of the kami is to hear eternity. In the Emerald Empire, a samurai carries a sword and uses it to enact the will of his lord. In roughly one out of every one hundred births, however, there comes a child with that rarest and most enigmatic of gifts: the ability to speak to the kami. Existing at one with the universe, shugenja are able to entreat the substance of the world itself, the elemental spirits known as the kami that comprise all things, and invoke powerful spells that can heal or hinder, create or destroy, grant life or bring terrible, painful death. Shugenja are more than simple wizards, however. They are the priests and teachers of the Emerald Empire, responsible for the spiritual well-being of its people. They oversee births and funerals, harvests and plantings, war and peace. They are the guiding hand of an Empire in chaos, a bastion of order when it is needed most. - An examination of the magical and religious viewpoints of the Dragon, Mantis, and Phoenix Clans, complete with new Advantages, Schools, Paths, and Dojo. - Descriptions of the major festivals celebrated throughout the Emerald Empire. - Information on the Brotherhood of Shinsei, one of the most influential spiritual groups in the Empire outside of the Great Clans. - Major temples located in the lands of all Great Clans, loaded with information for use in character backgrounds. - Updated spell casting mechanics to bring players up to date with the changes of Third Edition Revised, including multi-elemental spells, shugenja and the use of Multiple Schools, and other issues. - Much, much more. Masters of Magic is a rules supplement and its use requires the Legend of the Five Rings Role-Playing Game Third Edition Revised core rule book.

Udgivet af Alderac Entertainment Games 2009

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