ZAUBER SEE - Zauber See (Tyske, engeslke, franske og italienske regler)

Go, go, go! The three magicians Conrad, Mila, and Vicky rush out of the dark castle Rabenfels to escape the nasty wizard Rabenhorst. They reach the mysterious castle lake, but wait, what's happening? As if by magic, Conrad, Mila, and Vicky are repeatedly held back — or even driven back toward the castle... In Der geheimnisvolle Zaubersee ("The Mysterious Magic Lake"), you need to cover the right cards to free the three magicians from the mysterious spell. Only by working as a team can you reach the safety of the shore and escape Rabenhorst!

Udgivet af Drei Magier Spiele 2020

Sværhedsgrad: 5+. Antal spillere: 2-5. Spilletid: 15min

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