VARULV - Varulv (Nordisk)

In ‘Varulv’ the classic game of werewolf and Norse mythology meets. To get started a game master is needed (the bard), who knows all the rules and the roles of each player. When the bard is ready You can get started. The players are split into two teams: Citizens of Asgard and Asgardians against the evil werewolves, which will do anything to initiate Ragnarok. The player play multiple rounds during the game. These rounds are split into ‘The day’ and ‘The night’. However, nobody knows the roles of the other players. The accusations will fly through the air. A vote will decide who will be lynched. Will the citizens of Asgard and the Asgardians succeed in finding and killing the werewolves or will this be the beginning of Ragnarok?

Udgivet af Gameplay Productions 2022

Sværhedsgrad: 10+. Antal spillere: 6-22. Spilletid: 30-90min

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