WHITE DWARF - 2021-10 (Issue 469)

White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more. Here’s what you can look forward to in October's issue: Contact! Letters, painting advice, and beautifully painted miniatures. Plus, a mural, a query about vampires, and a fancy Land Raider. Worlds of Warhammer Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers - some of the lesser-known professions of the Mortal Realms are discussed in this month’s column. Inside the Studio We talk about some of the models we’ve painted and the games we’ve played over the last month. WARHAMMER 40,000 Battle Report: Return to Sanctuary 101 Twenty-three years ago (from White Dwarf 218 in February 1998), the Necrons overwhelmed the Adepta Sororitas at Sanctuary 101. History, it seems, is repeating itself… Spear of Lightning In this short story, a trio of Librarians from the Atlantian Spears infiltrate an Ork kruiser. They're not prepared for what awaits them on the bridge. WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR Fantastic War Hosts: The Nighthaunt Steel your souls, mortals - here’s a 10-page modelling and painting guide for the ever-vengeful Nighthaunt! Get a load of these spectacular conversions of Treelords, Mega-Gargants, and Stormcast Eternals. Realmscapes: The Realm of Heavens War has yet to reach High Azyr, but its effects are still keenly felt. WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR FLASHPOINT CLASH: The Tome Celestial: Seraphon All who stand in the path of universal order shall suffer the wrath of the stars. So say the slann in this Tome Celestial, which contains an update for Battletome: Seraphon, including 4 Allegiance Abilities, 1 Core Battalion, 2 Grand Strategies, 2 Battle Tactics for matched play, Seraphon Twists and Ruses for open play, and Path to Glory content for Seraphon in narrative play. The Incandescent Sphere The Incandescent Sphere has begun to turn, but it's badly damaged. The Seraphon must find the missing parts to unlock the device’s secrets. This article provides readers with a Campaign Arc for 1 Player, allowing them to take charge of their Seraphon army as they seek out and hunt down 5 missing relic fragments. Paint Splatter: Seraphon Enjoy two stellar painting guides for the celestial Seraphon. You'll find guides for painting skink warriors to both Battle Ready and Parade Ready standards using both the Classic and Contrast methods. KILL TEAM Operation Briefing Special Operative Elliot Hamer talks about Veteran Guardsmen, sneaky Ork Kommandos, and how they operate on the battlefield. Warpcoven Kill Teams An introduction to the sinister Sorcerers who would see the galaxy burn - but not before they learn its secrets. Operatives of Change A colossal 16-page treasure trove of arcane knowledge (and rules) enabling you to build your very own Thousand Sons Warpcoven Kill Team. All is dust! THE HORUS HERESY Armour Through the Ages Take an in-depth look at power armour designs throughout the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy, covering everything from Mk I through Mk VI. WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS Glory Points Does your personality dictate how you like to play? Do you revel in the slaughter? Or are you cold and calculating? This article includes a 'preference map' that asks readers questions and, depending on their answers, leads them to their ideal warband for games of Warhammer Underworlds. THE MIDDLE-EARTH™ STRATEGY BATTLE GAME Lord of the Nazgûl™ The Witch-king of Angmar descends from storm-wracked skies in this issue’s tactica article. ’EAVY METAL Brush Tips The ’Eavy Metal team talk about painting Bladeguard Veterans for the First Founding Loyalist Chapters (and the Black Templars). BLACK LIBRARY Fated Fiction: Shattered World A Warhammer Horror tale from the twisted mind of Jake Ozga. Each issue contains one of four different endings, so you might want to borrow your friends' copies to find out what you're missing. ARMIES ON PARADE Armies on Parade: The Iron Knights Armies and Battlefields Painter Andy Barlow shows off his Armies on Parade entry for this year’s competition. CARD INSERT Each physical copy of Issue 469 includes the following: - A double-sided cardboard insert provides two different atmospheric pieces of art to stand in as backdrops. Use them to improve your miniature photography!

Udgivet af Games Workshop 2021

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