T-SHIRTS - LOVECRAFT - CALL OF CTHULHU - Arkham Sanitarium Patient Shirt (XL)

The patients at the Arkham Sanitarium go about the daily work of pursuing mental health dressed in our comfortable long-sleeve patient shirts. Each shirt is soft, comfy, made in a soothing color and features each patient's number plainly on the chest. This helps ensure each patient gets the correct medication and that as few patients as possible are lobotomized in error. Your mind will be eased and the voices will whisper more soothing things to you in this lovely garment. And the long sleeve design make it easy for orderlies to tie your sleeves together behind your back in the event all of the straightjackets are occupied. Our Arkham Sanitarium Shirt features the sanitarium logo both front and back. Each garment is hand numbered (really) ensuring no two shirts are the same). The shirt is a 100% cotton in a soothing moss green and is made right here in Los Angeles in sweatshop-free conditions by American Apparel

Udgivet af H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, The 2011

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