PARANOIA 2017 EDITION - Project Infinite Hole

Troubleshooters! Do you like weird, risky experiments? (Yes!) Do you like testing devices that could leave behind a smoking crater if you use it wrong? (Uh, yes?) Do you like taking the blame for design mistakes, production errors, structural damage and enough deaths that genocide-ish is now a term? (Can I say anything other than yes? Ah, that laser pistol answered my question. Very yes!) Project Infiinite Hole brings the wonder, broken laws of physics and lapse safety standards of Research & Design back to Paranoia! Instead of simply sending Troubleshooters to their much-deserved deaths, you can also send experimental devices with them that help their much-deserved deaths happen more often! With this sourcebox, GMs have everything needed to bring R&D back into the Troubleshooters lives. Yes, they will be grateful or they get to test the Angry Beebots again.

Udgivet af Mongoose Publishing 2021

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