RIFTS - RIFTER - Best of the Rifter - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer)

The Best of The Rifter® & Index A Palladium Books® 25th Anniversary Special This special issue of The Rifter® is an index and best of collection published as part of the Palladium Anniversary Celebration (and is a free bonus issue for subscribers). It includes some of the most interesting, useful, fun and funny moments from the last eight years. Best of all, it includes a comprehensive index of articles from issues 1-33! A comprehensive index for issues #1-33. P.P.E. Channeling, G.M. tips, great art and, um, “good stuff.” A must for collectors of The Rifter® and those collecting Palladium’s 25th Anniversary items. 128 pages.

Udgivet af Palladium Books 2006

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