FATE OF THE NORNS - RAGNAROK - Fate of the Norns - Ragnarok 20th Anniversary Edition

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok 20th Anniversary Edition How does it work? It's a mix between a table top role playing game and a board game. One player runs the game as the "Norn", and the other players create characters that go on epic Viking sagas! Each player has a play-mat and a bag of nordic Futhark rune stones. These are used to resolve actions and combat and help tell the tale of a hero and an age of darkness that heralds the end of the world! Our design mantra is "easy to learn, long to perfect". The players can create a solid fun character in as little as 5 minutes, or take as long as they would like using optional build components to add personality, back-story and customizing the character build for optimal performance.

Udgivet af Pendelhaven 2013

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