MONSTER! MONSTER! - Monster! Monster! (Dansk)

Monster! Monster! is a two-player game of human-hunting monsters. If you want to win, you must outbluff, outwit and sometimes simply overpower your opponent. You play three nights. Each night four humans are up for grabs, and you play your monsters next to them. You don’t know what cards your opponent has played, but the card backs give a hint. Then you fight for humans, and the strongest monsters win. The first to capture 4 different humans or 3 of the same wins. But strength is not all. All monsters have special abilities that allow you to move cards, swap strength, reveal your opponent’s monsters and more. —description from the publisher

Udgivet af Page Turner Games 2019

Sværhedsgrad: 8+. Antal spillere: 2. Spilletid: 10-20min

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