DOMINION - Menagerie Expansion

Dominion, thats what youre trying to achieve. This time with animals! They each have a lesson to teach, whether its how to spit really far, or what kind of grass tastes the best. Its a lot to keep track of, but youre like an elephant: you remember everything. And youre afraid of mice. Youve taken up riding. Horses are intimidating; they say you can lead a horse to water, but you havent managed it. So youre working your way up, starting with dogs. So far so good; the dog hasnt bucked you off yet. Your menagerie got off to a poor start, with just a goat, two rats, and the advisor who suggested starting a menagerie. You couldnt get that fox you wanted, but it was probably bad anyway. Now youve got some camels, which are just as useless for sewing as youd been warned, and a turtle that can hold its breath for longer than anyone can stay interested. Soon the animal kingdom will be yours.

Udgivet af Rio Grande Games 2020

Sværhedsgrad: 14+. Antal spillere: 2-4. Spilletid: 30min

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