SAVAGE WORLDS - SAVAGE TALES - Savage Tales of Horror - Volume 1 (Softcover)

Dare to wander the Black Forest in search of witches foul, where you may lose your soul - to the Face Snatchers! Brave the bitter northern chill, where brain freeze is the least of your worries. At least someone will keep those beautiful looks of yours in Cold Storage! Relax for a lakeside Spring Break at The Retreat if you can ignore the scratching at the door, and the deadly smiles of the townsfolk! Investigate by gaslight the ghostly hauntings of the magnificent Manor of Blood. It's very inviting, but doesn`t want you to leave! And, the suspicious death of an old friend drives you to find answers somewhere in the Moonshine Blues of New Orleans, where mobsters and magic mingle!

Udgivet af Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. 2016

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