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What's Inside Each Commander Legends Product October 26, 2020 | 1 min to read Commander Legends Release has been rescheduled for 11/20. Prerelease events will now run from 11/13–11/19. The release of the first ever Commander-focused booster set is sure to have your players talking—and probably asking a few questions. Here's everything you need to know to answer those questions about what's inside the Commander Legends product lineup. Get more details about each Commander Legends product, like dimensions and packaging specifics, here. Before we dive into the sealed Commander Legends products, let's go over the set's two exclusive promos. What's the Buy-a-Box Promo? The Commander Legends Buy-a-Box Promo is Mana Confluence—and it can't be found in boosters. We heard your feedback about how allocating the Buy-a-Box promo across different booster boxes would be helpful, both to manage Draft Booster supply during Prerelease and to encourage players to pick up the product that they really want. So, we're updating the Buy-a-Box Promo policy to include Buy-a-Box Promo allocation guidelines: Provide one (1) Buy-a-Box Promo card to each customer who purchases a full display box of any Magic: The Gathering booster packs of the associated set. You are free to allocate the Buy-a-Box promos between different booster box types as you see fit. If you choose to do so, we suggest a split of 40% for Draft Booster Boxes, 40% for Set Booster Boxes, and 20% for Collector Booster Boxes. In the case of Commander Legends, that means you can hold on to Buy-a-Box promos and hand them out when Collector Boosters release on November 20 if you'd like—how many promos you allocate for those boxes is up to you! (Note: Commander Legends does not offer Set Boosters. The above is an amendment to the Buy-a-Box policy as a whole.) What's the Participation Promo? Players that enroll in any Commander Legends Prerelease event using Magic Companion (or just a Wizards Account—meaning, they aren't entered into EventLink as a guest) earn the participation promo—Sengir, the Dark Baron—while supplies last. The Dark Baron is found in boosters, but you won't see this foil alternate-art version anywhere else. Don't forget: You can only schedule Commander Legends Prerelease on EventLink. In-Store (excludes US, LATAM, Europe, and Russia), At-Home, and Remote Prerelease are all available, so schedule your events today. What's in a Commander Legends Draft Booster? Every Commander Legends Draft Booster Pack contains two legendary cards. Some are reprints of classic commanders, others are among the seventy-one potential commanders introduced in the set. Commander Legends also debuts a special kind of foil—foil-etched cards with beautiful metallic frames. In some Commander Legends Draft Boosters, you can find a foil-etched showcase legend or regular foil borderless planeswalker. Each Commander Legends Draft Booster contains 20 Magic cards + one ad/token, with two legends, at least one rare, and one foil.

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